KOOZY!! Album - Digital Download

KOOZY!! Album - Digital Download

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Released 2 April 2021 Through Flip Flop Records

KOOZY!!’ was recorded in Rockfield Studios, Wales, and KONK in North London and has been produced by Nick Brine (Oasis, Beta Band, Super Furry Animals, Stone Roses), Christian Hardy and Nick Hemming. Musicians and singers include fellow Burtonians The Leisure Society alongside Scott’s father and his original band from the 60s, and all of Nick Brine’s family! 

In memory of Yola Marson


  1. Koozy
  2. Leggy Friends
  3. 7 Day Duvet
  4. Doughnuts
  5. Aunty Mabel
  6. Bounty
  7. Give me the keys
  8. Troll
  9. Needles
  10. Swan Song 

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For more information please contact Ben Pester at Pester PR on ben@pesterpr.co.uk 



Kitten Pyramid began as a collective in 2010 and ranged from two to 20 members. In 2013 they released their debut album 'Uh-Oh!' and were picked up by 6Music's Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson (who later supported his UK tour). Kitten Pyramid launched 'Uh-Oh!' with a tour of psychiatric hospitals, including Bedlam and were followed by The Guardian for two days.

Kitten Pyramid have featured in Q, MOJO, Classic Rock, Prog and were the Guardian's Band of the week and Sunday Brunch’s Single Of The Week on Channel 4 for their 'weird and wonderful' pop. Second album KOOZY !! is out 2 April 2021 and was recorded in Rockfield Studios with The Leisure Society and produced by Oasis/Beta Band/Furries legend Nick Brine.