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Kitten Pyramid is released under Flip Flop Records.

Song written, performed and arranged by Scott Milligan.

Produced by Nick Brine.

Assisted by Chris Ramsey at Rockfield Studios.

Track features Nick Brine on bass, horn arrangements, Dustin Yemm on drums, Guitar & Vocals Scott Milligan. Orchestration by Andrew Griffiths.


36,000 bees crossing the road
Guided by aliens waving their smoke
Out the jacuzzi and back to the trees
Checking for bullet holes
Checking their knees

Oooh Babeeeee
In the Jaaaacuzzi

Danced on the table, cutlery flew
But nobody batted an eyelid at you
Danced on the telly, riding the dog
Never could compete with all those bees in that tub

Oooh Babeeeee
In the Jaaaacuzzi

Follow the priests swinging incense in time
Confess all your sins and your lies
All your side hustles and stolen ideas
And make for the trees with the bees till it’s time to say hi




Kitten Pyramid began as a collective in 2010, the brainchild of singer-songwriter Scott Milligan and initially ranged from two to 20 members. In 2013 they released their debut album Uh-Oh!, followed by the EP High Five Scuba Dive, with Procol Harum’s late guitarist Dave Ball featuring on both releases (and as the Grim Reaper in the video for English Rosa). In 2015 they’d caught the ear of 6Music presenter and performer Tom Robinson, who took them out on his UK tour.

Kitten Pyramid launched Uh-Oh! with a tour of psychiatric hospitals (they were followed by The Guardian for two days), and have featured in MOJO, Classic Rock and Prog magazines, been Sunday Brunch’s Single Of The Week on Channel 4 and were termed “fittingly barking” and “Hunky Dory with a dash of Syd” for their marvellously left-of-field progressive pop.

Second album KOOZY !! is due early next year and was recorded in Konk, Rockfield Studios, Leeders Vale and a farmhouse in Leek. The KOOZY band features members of The Leisure Society.