Josh Jameson

Former frontman for Midlands indie band Get Cubs, illustrator Josh Jameson has been creating artwork for skateboards professionally for five years working with brands such as Flip skateboards, Monster Energy, Puma and SCUK. He’s also worked with pro skaters such as Tom Penny, Lance Mountain, Ron Allen, Rune Glifberg, Luan Olivera, David Gonzalez, Alec Majerus, Curren Caples, Lucas Rabelo, Denny Pham, Matt Berger and Greg Nowik.

His most recent achievement left him reaching for a paper bag, unable to breathe after finding the designs he created for Monster/Flip on Tony Hawk’s latest video game release Pro Skateboarder 1+2.

Josh is working with Scott to create an illustration for every track on KOOZY !! and animating the artwork to place in the videos. Josh is an honorary member of Kitten Pyramid and will be working musically on album three, with a demo of forthcoming track ‘IDIOT’ in the pipeline.

You can follow Josh's work here