On the 2 April 2021, experimental Burton-On-Trent pop-proggers Kitten Pyramid release ‘KOOZY!!’, their long-awaited follow up album to the acclaimed 2013 debut ‘Uh-Oh!’, which found fans across the UK’s cultural media landscape with Mojo rating it 4/5, Classic Rock 8/10, Prog Magazine calling it “... a gloriously strange musical roller-coaster ride” and “... an eclectic romp of a debut”. The Independent claimed “...if British psychedelia is your bag, this is your new favourite band” while The Guardian named them their Band Of The Day saying “Picasso could have been at the controls” and Q Magazine and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch made them Track of the Day and Week respectively.
‘Uh-Oh!’ was supported with a tour of psychiatric hospitals as documented in The Guardian and was a show of support and empathy to those living with mental illness. The band's singer, writer and creative driving force, Scott Milligan, dedicated it to his late uncle Jarek, a huge influence to Scott (“he taught me to zig when everyone else zagged”), and who lived with the condition his whole life.
… and so to, ‘KOOZY!!’ album underpinned by the spirit of Scott’s mum, Yola, who lost a short battle with Covid in 2020. “As a nurse from the age of 16, my mum spent her entire life caring for people, only to be diagnosed with MS in her fifties,” explains Scott. “Her last years were spent in a wheelchair, unable to do a single thing that she loved – other than eat cake and buy clothes. Yet, she was still able to laugh and remain strong, her typical attitude of ‘there’s always someone else worse-off’ prevailed.”
‘KOOZY!!’ is about life’s breathtaking, abstract beauty, balanced by almost perverse cruelty. “I love that, despite the elephant in the room, we can still marvel at swans made from towels, bees in jacuzzis and get pleasure from scoffing a Bounty.” All inspiration for ‘KOOZY!!’’s ten tracks.


Rockfield has received a wave of interest since a documentary was recently released featuring our man Nick Brine :)

As well as producer, Nick Brine is now also officially the bass player in Kitten Pyramid as well as friend and mentor to Scott. 

Gang vocals with Kitten Pyramid's original Line up for debut album Uh-Oh! which included two members of Paddy Considine's Riding The Low